What is FEFLOW?

FEFLOW is a professional software package for modeling fluid flow and transport of dissolved constituents and/or heat transport processes in the subsurface.

FEFLOW contains pre- and post processing functionality and an efficient simulation engine. A user-friendly graphical interface provides easy access to the extensive modeling options.

FEFLOW is a completely integrated system from simulation engine to graphical user interface. It also includes a public programming interface for user code.

FEFLOW is used by leading consulting firms, research institutes, universities and government organizations all over the world. Its scope of application ranges from simple local-scale to complex large-scale simulations.

FEFLOW is developed by DHI-WASY GmbH, the German branch of the DHI Group.


May 8, 2014 in Denver, CO

State-of-the-art groundwater modelling for water resources management and well-field operation.

FEFLOW Workshop


  • Groundwater management
  • Water quality
  • Autocalibration and uncertainty analysis
  • Visualization tools and techniques
  • Current developments and future directions

This workshop is a unique opportunity to share experiences and exchange knowledge with like-minded professionals, software developers, and recognized experts in the field.

For more details and registration, please click here.

FEFLOW 6.2 Released

"This is the best Christmas present that our modelling group could get!"

A FEFLOW user from Golder Assoc. in Canada

We are happy and honestly also a little bit proud to be able to announce the official release of FEFLOW 6.2 just before the holidays. The new version includes exciting new features such as PEST support and age simulation capabilities.

While our maintenence clients have already received their new license codes and thus are ready to go, everyone else is invited to test the new capabilities in demo mode.

The update packages - this time also containing the brand-new FEFLOW book by Hans-Jörg Diersch as a special bonus - will be shipped early next year.

New in FEFLOW 6.2
Download FEFLOW 6.2

New Features in FEFLOW 6.2



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