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Hydraulic-head Diagram

In the hydraulic-head diagram time-series of Hydraulic head at the observation points and at the pumping and infiltration well locations are shown.

Using the context menu of the diagram, the following options are available:

Pan Switches to Pan mode on the left mouse button. Hold the button and move the mouse to pan.
Zoom Switches to Zoom mode on the left mouse button. Click for full view and drag a rectangle for zooming in.
Full Resets zoom to full view.
Adjust If Adjust is selected the diagram scaling always shows full categories on the x and y axes.
Tooltips Allows to show single curve values as tooltips when moving the mouse arrow over the curve points.
Properties Opens the Diagram Properties dialog.

In the Diagram Properties dialog, settings such as adding and removing additional curves, changing curve styles and axis settings can be done.

For steady-state models, resulting heads are also shown in a time-series format. In this case, the curves are horizontal and do only show one constant head as the result of the steady-state simulation.